Vacaville Elite

About Us

Founded in 2009, The Vacaville United Elite consists of local players with an advance level of talent and familiarity of the game. Our goal is to offer players from the ages 18+ a place to play where their skills will be elevated to the next level. We are a complete volunteer based organization and rely on the knowledge and experience of our veteran players. We Travel all over California as well as out of state, competing against the top talent from around the world. 

       The V.U.E would go on to place 1st back to back in the Nor-cal Premier Men's Open League. 1st place in 2012, as well as 1st place in 2013 College Summer League Capitol Bracket which would qualify the V.U.E. for the U-23 C.A State cup. The top two teams from Southern California, the Chivas USA MLS(L.A) team, and the Corinthians(L.A) would be taking on Northern C.a's Vacaville United Elite(Vaca) and DV8(Redwood City). Vacaville is a small City with a rough estimate of a 100,00 people. We are used to being the underdog in these situations, and have actually turned it into our motto. "Small Town Team, Big Time Dream". The V.U.E. would finish 3rd overall in the tournament but had already accomplished a lifelong goal that most clubs, players and coaches would only dream of. 

       In the 2014 Nor-cal Mens APL fall season the team finished 3rd overall, only under top teams in the Nation with the likes of Sonoma Sol(NPSL), and the DV8(Redwood City) thus qualifying the V.U.E. for the Lamar Hunt Tournament( U.S Open Cup) the biggest Professional soccer tournament in the Nation. All 32 M.L.S teams, Majority of U.S.L teams, and all Semi-Pro teams that qualify. The V.U.E would lose their first round game to a controversial penalty call in the final minutes of stoppage time. Still again, the Vacaville United Elite had achieved something that most critics would say is impossible.

     In 2015 the V.U.E would take a year off from Nor-cal League play but compete in a few friendly matches against , Chico State University and a couple other matches in the Bay Area of C.a.

     The V.U.E during the summer of 2016, again would compete in Nor-cal's College Summer League(C.S.L) Placing them in the toughest bracket against powerhouse clubs like Sacramento, Elk Grove, and the summer Nor-cal state champions Davis legacy.

     With more support from the local community and/or local businesses, our club is gaining more and more exposure; this benefits our youth and adds to the quality of our City. If you are interested in joining or sponsoring our club, please contact us (contact button). Thank you for supporting the Vacaville United Elite!